Here’s How

Make a plan.
Choose when and where you’d like to host your Cafe. Is your home the place to do it? A friend’s home? A community space or center may be an option too.

Set a goal.
Decide how much money you want to raise. We recommend setting a goal of $100 as a minimum. Determine how much each patron will pay and how many people you will need to attend to make the goal amount.

Enlist friends.
You’ll need to figure out how many people are needed to make your secret cafe happen. Two people can do a Secret Cafe, but it will be easier with three or more– two to prepare food and one to greet guests, seat and serve. If you’re planning on doing a Secret Cafe with two people, make the food in advance as much as possible.


Invite your friends, ask for RSVPs, invite your co-workers or community group members. Advertising to the public (whether online or via flier) is an option too– it’s entirely up to you.

Get ready.

  • Menus
  • Tables & place settings
  • Playlist
  • Ingredients for dishes
  • RSVPs
  • Friends to  help!

Wrapping it up.
Once the guests have departed and your kitchen has been restored to something like it’s previous state, it’s time to tally up the donations. Feel free to make a reasonable deduction from the proceeds to pay for ingredients. Then send the donation in check or money order form, made out to “Bangor Community Media Collective,” to Bangor Media Collective, 71 Division Street, Bangor, ME 04401. We also give the option of making a tax-deductible donation if that is your preference. In that case, write the check to Resources for Organizing and Social Change, our 501c3 fiscal sponsor. All of the proceeds from the Secret Cafe fundraisers will go to our project, INK Youth Zine Project, and will be disbursed in teh form of grants or other kinds of support for youth independent media and print publishing.